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April 2003 - Posts

Application config files explained!

Rockford Lhotka has an article on MSDN the discusses XML configuration files and demonstrates how to create custom sections using pre-existing section handlers or by building new ones.  This topic is one of the most commonly asked questions on the
Posted by CorySmith | 1 Comments

Coding4Fun Issue #4

The code is available for download, but the article isn't up just yet.  It's on "working with the WMP Blogger plug-in".  You can download the code here .  As soon as the article is posted, I'll add a link to it as well.  Duncan
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BlogX : Site.Config : Root

It was reported to me that my links were incorrect in the RSS feed. The permalinks.aspx was showing as off of the root, instead of /blog like it should have been. Well, I had the value set to http://www.addressof.com/blog so it looked correct. Upon further
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Additional comments on angryCoder post.

The guys over at Early & Adapter point out tha (when commenting on the article by angryCoder (aka Jonathan)): Jonathan is certainly angry, but he's also incorrect about couple of things.  It's a common misconception that Visual Studio
Posted by CorySmith | 2 Comments

VS.NET "features" penalize VB.NET developers?

angryCoder states some relatively valid rants about VS.NET making some things easier for VB.NET developers; but causes problems when using command line tools to compile the code. I love how this entry starts out.  It's obvious that the message is
Posted by CorySmith | 1 Comments

Visual Studio .NET 2003 VB6->VB.NET Upgrade Wizard

I successfully ran some upgrades of a couple of very large windows applications through the upgrade wizard included in the 2003 version.  It was successful :-)  This was actually to my shock, since the previous version flat out crashed when
Posted by CorySmith | 5 Comments

Concerning String.Length

According to Brad Abrams (and it makes perfect sense) using String.Length, the code path is "significantly shorter"; however, there is not memory effect since there is always an empty string available.  Having a Microsoft guy say this just
Posted by CorySmith | 1 Comments

Some "slightly less than documented" Windows API's

Duncan Mackenzie writes : I wrote an article back in August 2002 on some of the API calls that were documented as part of the Microsoft settlement agreement... but in the end, I never published it... so here it is for your viewing pleasure; There are
Posted by CorySmith | 6 Comments

VB.NET string method to handle escape sequences.

After reading some comments by Alex Hoffman , I've put together a quick and dirty function that will do some of what he is complaining that VB.NET isn't capable of doing.  I've also made it so that this particular function doesn't require a reference
Posted by CorySmith | 24 Comments

WM9 HD Format!!!!! Impressive doesn't quite describe it!

Landmark Theatres and Microsoft Corp. announced that they are equipping 177 screens in all 53 Landmark Theatres across the United States with digital cinema playback systems based on Microsoft® Windows Media® 9 Series. This unprecedented agreement represents
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Here's an example. For i = 1 To 100   If i > 5 AndAlso i < 20 Then     ' Skip over the rest of the processing inside of the loop     ' and start the next iteration.      Continue For '<-----
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This thing is pretty cool. It's got plugin support too, so you can create little extensions to it. It says that it only supports XP, but I haven't got around to testing it on Windows Server 2003. This looks like it would be pretty cool to put on a server.
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