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May 2003 - Posts

C# "out" modifier -> HowTo in VB.NET?

Someone on GDN asked a question regarding the out parameter modifier that C# uses and how to do the same thing in VB.NET. Your first guess would probably be to use ByRef , however, ByRef is like ref in C#; so that isn't the answer. The real answer is
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Exploring Static variables (VB.NET)

Although I wouldn't recommend using Static variables under normal circumstances, there are times when they come in handy. So, when you do use them, you better be sure you understand what's going on to save you from some potential debugging headaches.
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New CodeSmith release!

I'm happy to see that Eric is adding additional support / samples for the VB.NET developers in CodeSmith . Although, it worked with VB.NET code in the past, he's now added more support and code generation samples specifically targetting the VB.NET developer.
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Windows Application Verifier - Rah Roh! .NET doesn't qualify?

Several people are raving about the Windows Application Verifier. Um... problem. It doesn't appear that the .NET Framework follows the rules specified by the Windows Application Verifier 2.50. I might be using it wrong, so if I am, please let me know.
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VB.NET Internals Article - 8 out of 9 rating.

For all of those using VB.NET's Microsoft.VisualBasic namespace specific functionality (or those just interested in the topic) and the performance impact they may incur (if any, and if so, under what conditions) be sure to check out the Visual Basic .NET
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Using CR and LF: The Options. (VB.NET)

After posting a response to a question on GDN about using CR and LF in a VB.NET project. The question was how to insert a LF or CR into a string in VB.NET without using the vbLF, vbCR or even the Environment.LineFeed values. They were also thinking that
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Community Starter Kit

Tonight I've been playing around with the community starter kit available for download at the ASP.NET .  Although pretty basic in overall features, it's an excellent start for a full blown web site.  It took me a minute to get my head around
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While this post has nothing to do with development, it is something that affects all of us.  Well, at least those that pull them selves away from their computer or game console long enough to notice that there is a really large yellow star really
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Tip: Interop Structures - To String or to Char(), that is the question.

The following is from Adam Nathan's CLR FAQ discussing why you would use char arrays instead of strings when using Interop.  If your using Interop, this is something very, very important.  I've converted the code in the text to
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Color your console output using VB.NET!

I'm working on adding an articles section here on AddressOf.com .  Using Shawn A. Van Ness's blog and an article on CodeProject.com (both in C# of course); I've put together an article on how to set the console color (foreground and background) using
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Simple minimal windowless NotifyIcon sample

I happened across a sample that Shawn A. Van Ness  posted showing a minimilistic demonstartion of a windowless NotifyIcon sample.  It was written in C#, so I figured I'd go ahead and translate it for VB.NET users.  Download the NotifyIcon
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Convert System.Array containing Int16 values to an Byte array?

There's got to be an easier way to do this.  FileStream only allows you to use a Byte array when reading/writing.  I've got a COM object that gives me an array of Int16 values formatted as a System.Array.  I need to convert this to an array
Posted by CorySmith | 2 Comments

Tip: Read/Write Structures using FileStream

Although VB.NET includes support for the VB6 style file FreeFile, Open, Get, Put, Close, etc. functions; they are rediculously slower than using FileStream (or even their VB6 counterparts - which is really strange) for large (1 mb+) files.  The other,
Posted by CorySmith | 7 Comments

Don Box considers VB.NET? :-)

An interested soundbyte by Don Box about VB.NET and the VB.NET team. I'm also writing a lot of code again, primarily in C# but I've been tempted to use VB for something. The VB.NET team is actually writing parts of their product using their own language.
Posted by CorySmith | 2 Comments

Chris Brumme discusses Asynchronous Operations

"One thing we tried to do with the CLR and FX is provide a consistent asynchronous programming model."   Chris Brumme starting off his blog entry.  He discusses several options for asynchronous operations and goes on to discuss each one
Posted by CorySmith | 18 Comments

Tip: Read Only Property via Interface - Read Write via Class.

Question: How do I implement a read only property of an interface implementation but allow the same property to be read write when accessing the property through the class directly? Public Interface IInterface   ReadOnly Property AProperty()
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Dr. GUI has "got the blog bug"!

Here's a blog to definatly add to your watch list.  Dr. GUI's Bits and Bytes . [edit] OK, so I'm not the only one that has noticed this.  Some interesting comments have been posted by Julia Lerman and Chris Sells on their respective blogs.
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HDTV and the antenna question

OK, so this isn't .NET related, but I think it's important enough to pass on this HDTV tip.  I noticed a blog entry by Sean Alexander  discussing his frustration of having to pay about $500 for an antenna to get HDTV.  I have to first point
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Tip: Simple Comparer for sorting in VB.NET

Here's a simple routine to sort a collection of objects posted by Jan Tielens . Dim customers As New ArrayList 'Or you can use the Sort method of the strong typed collection, 'inheriting from CollectionBase. customers.Sort( New SimpleComparer("Name"))
Posted by CorySmith | 8 Comments

Tip: Use ILDASM for more than viewing IL

Here's a tip I came across on GDN.  Basically, you can use ILDASM to extract all of the resources from an assembly (in addition to the IL code).  A specific example would be to extract all of the icons from the VS.NET IDE.  To do this,
Posted by CorySmith | 1 Comments

MSDN TV - Resource Management with the CLR

Want to know a little bit about how the GC works and how to use the IDisposable pattern?  Instead of reading about it, watch the show .  If you have something to say about it, Brad Abrams (Microsoft) would like to hear what you have to think
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Official Microsoft Smart Devices Developer Community site

First there was GotDotNet and ASP.NET .  Then there was WindowsForms.com .  Now there's a Smart Devices Developer Community from Microsoft. :-) One article of interest is the Writing Mobile Games Using the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework
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Tip: Convert VS.NET 2003 projects to VS.NET 2002

Code Project has a simple (but very useful) project that will convert your VS.NET 2003 projects to VS.NET 2002.  Not only is there a simple project for this, the article associated with the project explains what steps are required if you need to
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VB.NET - C# - VS.NET tutorials and walkthroughs.

Here are a couple of links to help people get started using VS.NET and VB.NET/C#.  Several people on the GDN messageboards have expressed that they are having a hard time finding resources to learn from without having to purchase a book. 
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Terminator 3 Extreme Edition DVD includes HD WMV version!

I'm going that have to pick this up.  I have to say that I've very impressed with the quality of the WMV HD format.  According to Sean Alexander , it will be " nearly three and a half times the resolution of standard DVD video "!
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VS.NET Macro - Region Marker

This is a pretty useful macro to add to the IDE.  It allows you to mark a region of your code, activate this macro and it will enclose the marked area in a #region block. Sub OutlineSelection()   Dim objTextDoc As TextDocument   Dim title
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Microsoft's Community Support

Stephen Swienton (the VP of  FWDNUG ) writes an outstanding praise for Microsoft commitment to supporting the Microsoft developer community in Fort Worth, TX.  I agree completely :-) Chad Osgood chimes in to mention that Microsoft offers the
Posted by CorySmith | 5 Comments

Shared Memory Wrapper for .NET

Richard Blewett has put together a shared memory component written in C# that uses Win32 Interop that allows you to use shared memory to pass serialized types and object graphs.  He writes: I've created a wrapper for named shared memory that was
Posted by CorySmith | 9 Comments