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June 2003 - Posts

VB is dead? NOT!

Robert Scoble states on his blog , "I'm seeing a resurgance in VB.NET stuff lately. There are many developers, both inside and outside of Microsoft, who like VB.NET a lot." :-D He also states "I hear the VB.NET team will have a few things to talk about
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Free Network 'Sniffer' Tools

Not wanting to spend a fortune, I did some searching and came across a couple of free network packet/protocol anaylysis tools. NetworkActiv Sniffer This one doesn't require a driver to be installed in order to work. It's very easy to install and operate.
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TechEd Bloggers get together at Hard Rock Cafe

Eric brought up the suggestion of getting a get together for those bloggers in the Dallas area, you know for those attending TechEd ;-) and those who may be unfortunate enough not to be attending :-(.  After discussing it a bit, it was decided by
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