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August 2003 - Posts

VB.NET gets unsigned types (finally!) :-)

Cameron Beccario talks about some of the additions to the VB.NET langauge for working with unsigned variable types . This includes new keywords and conversion operators, how they map to CLR types and even how the VB.NET overload resolution will work between
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CLR, Startup, Shutdown, Today and Tomorrow...

Chris Brumme talks about how the CLR works with (or against) the underlying operating system during startup and shutdown (to considerable length) He also discusses threads, the current 'issues' with today's CLR and potential improvements moving towards
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[insert language dajour here] vs VB

These types of articles should really bother me.  However, I've been doing a bit of thinking of late about this subject and apparently I'm not the only one that's been doing so. Over the ages, one language or another has been compared against BASIC. 
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Declare vs. DLLImport

Paul Vick asked an interesting question about my last post concerning why I chose to use the DLLImport rather than the Declare statement. I was going to quickly respond stating the old "well, it seems to be the .NET way of doing it" or the "it allows
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Making some noise with VB.NET

Brad Abrams and Scott Hanselman provided a couple of ways to create some noise with C# using a couple of interop methods. Both methods have their uses. Here is the VB.NET way of doing the same thing. Public Enum MessageBeepType [Default] = -1 OK = &H0
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