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December 2003 - Posts

[ot] Test Your Digital IQ

MSNBC has a Test Your Digital IQ survey. Here is my result ;-)
Posted by CorySmith | 9 Comments

XBOX Live Gamertags

In order to facilitate those of us who play on XBOX Live to connect to one another, I've started creating gamertags for people. There are two to choose from: and The one of the left looks cooler (IMO), but just didn't fit with the layout of .TEXT very
Posted by CorySmith | 165 Comments

More Contact Information

Added a couple of links to the left (new graphics buttons). One is my Windows Messenger / MSN address. I don't actually check email address using that account, it's just used for Windows Messenger. I set it up as a graphics button so that the email address
Posted by CorySmith | 8 Comments

Fort Worth .NET Users Group - My Presentation

My presentation at the Fort Worth .NET Users Group went pretty good last night. Basically, I took the TransLabel article and turned it into a presentation. Had several people asking questions; which was very nice. The question that still sticks in my
Posted by CorySmith | 4 Comments

New Coding 4 Fun Column - Serial Controlled LCD Panel with DBComm

Duncan Mackenzie describes how to control a serial-port-connected LCD panel using Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual C# .NET using a couple of serial components. One of components mentioned is my very own DBComm component available on GotDotNet
Posted by CorySmith | 8 Comments
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