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January 2004 - Posts

More on Remove Integer Overflow Checks

The following is taken from the online documentation: However, without error checking and if data type capacities are overflowed, incorrect results may be stored without raising an error. The question that comes to my mind is what exactly will happen
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VB.NET Performance Related Compiler Options

VB.NET offers two compiler options that could potentially improve the overall performance of your application. One of them, 'Remove Integer Overflow Checks' , is pretty straight forward about what it does and can easily be evaluated by looking at the
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VB.NET Performance Optimizations

OK, kicked into gear by a GDN posting on 'Is VB.NET is slower than C#', based on some of the comments, I decided to dig into some of the points a bit deeper. This, of course, led to some interesting discoveries and even more questions. One point that
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