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November 2004 - Posts

IsNot, Paul Vick, Amanda Silver and Software Patents

A lot of people are all up in arms over the fact that Microsoft (via Paul Vick and Amanda Silver) patenting something such as the IsNot operator. First, let me say congratulations to them... filing for a patent is a lot of work; not to mention the work
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Which is easier to read...

... in other words, which is easier to maintain? chunk = chunk.PadRight(4, " "c).ToLower -- Or -- chunk = LCase(Left(chunk & Space(4), 4)) I'm converting (or rather resurrecting) some code from VB6 to build a library for some fellow .NET developers
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Pop-Quiz - FileStream.ReadByte() returns what type of value?

I'm working on some file i/o stuff today and pretty much using FileStream.Read using a byte array as the buffer. However, there was one portion where I just need to seek and look at one byte. So, there's this FileStream.ReadByte() method that looked like
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30% off MaxVista thanks to Scott Hanselman

Scott Hanselman wanted me to pass this special promotion offer he scored for us... Got a spare laptop that your not really doing much with just lying around begging to be used for some purpose? How about using it as a second (or third) monitor on your
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