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February 2005 - Posts

.NET Application Memory Flush via Interop - Revisited

As I've stated before, I do make mistakes ;-) I have an application that I've written for my employer that appears, under certain *unidentified* circumstances to have a very slow memory leak. While trying to narrow down where it could be, I pulled one
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Windows Application Verifier

Back in May 2003 I mentioned a problem with the application verifier not handling the .NET framework correctly (or that the framework was breaking the rules, however you want to look at it). Someone was asking me about the logo program and this product
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Threading in VB.NET

A few people have been asking me how to build threading into their applications to improve the applications responsiveness and/or perceived performance. Rather then rehash what's already been well written about, here's a few articles that I suggest reading:
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XboxFriends -> Open Source?

After over a year of working on this project, I'm finding that the growth of it is beginning to be a bit more than one person can handle alone. I really believe strongly in what XboxFriends could offer to extend the Xbox Live experience; however, since
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