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May 2005 - Posts

Star Wars Episode III

What’s better than going to see Star Wars Episode III on the opening night? How about seeing it with about 300 .NET hungry individuals!?!? But wait, there’s more! How about in addition to 300 .NET hungry individuals, it’s completely
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VB.NET Coding Guidelines Update

I just updated the VB.NET Coding Guidelines to include a few annotations that help to answer a few questions that people have asked. I've also removed the ability to make comments directly on this document and they've been moved to another location. I've
Posted by CorySmith | 3 Comments
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Visual Studio 2005 Dev Con

If your in the following areas (or can be in those areas), be sure to try to attend the Visual Studio 2005 Dev Con event... St. Louis, MO (5/26), Chicago, IL (6/1), Minneapolis, MN (6/1), Kansas City, KS (6/2), Omaha, NE (6/14), Detroit, MI (6/14) and
Posted by CorySmith | 9 Comments
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Geek Gathering - Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex - 2

Last month, we had an excellent turn out. Let's see if we can keep it going... Several people stated the venue was a great idea (and because I've been swamped) we're going to have it at the same location. Where: Main Event Entertainment @ the bar - Grapevine
Posted by CorySmith | 8 Comments
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Bringing a 20 year old Draw command back to life...

Back in the early 80's, there was the Radio Shack Trs-80 Color Computer series of computers. Of course, you interacted with it using Microsoft Basic (Extended Basic and eventually Disk Extended Basic). After looking through a few old magazines I found
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Solution Icons...

Has anyone using Visual Studio 2005 noticed the new solution icons? Now you can see (without having to dig or experiment) what version of .NET a solution is targeting. What a great idea. Sometimes it's the simplest things. ;-)
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Windows Forms: 5 Ways of Interaction Between Forms (New Article)

I've just added a new article that was spawned by some of the responses to the Default Instances debate (just one of the ways I show in the article). Rather than keep saying how easy Default Instances will be, I thought that it would be good to show how
Posted by CorySmith | 5 Comments
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