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January 2006 - Posts

Missed working for Google by 3 months...

... and I'm really not all that upset. A little over a year ago, the radio automation software company I worked for was acquired by dMarc, a small startup focused on delivering advertising to radio stations through piggy-backing upon the radio automation
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There is such a thing as being toooo paranoid...

I recently received a comment regarding XboxFriends that goes as follows: So do you store the Passport info so you can keep signing in every time Passport logs you out? And doesn't your program communicate through your server? Why should I trust you with
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XboxFriends for the Desktop v1.1.0.70 (early beta)

I'm looking for a few people to test XboxFriends as thoroughly as they can before I release it publicly. The release is very behind since I had to make it a priority to obfuscate the code to protect one of the newest features (which was a requirement
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Xbox 360 or PC Gaming lag???... Take a look at this...

I was experiencing a bit of lag while playing DOA4, so did some research. What I found is this link that measures your actual travel time performance (instead of generic ping) utilizing Quake III type of traffic. This test demonstrates how their StreamEngine
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SiN Episodes, NDA's and a Preview

As I talked about back in December, I got a chance to play an early version of SiN Episodes but since I am under NDA (non-disclosure agreement) I couldn't really talk much about the game. Well, the game was demonstrated at CES 2006 and GameSpy has the
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Google... smoogle...

I was talking with a friend of mine last night and the topic of Google vs. Microsoft came up. Essentially his stance was that Google is “winning” and it's too late for Microsoft to gain momentum to dethrone them in many areas. I, of course,
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Adventures in Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005

Here's a few items that I wanted to share (or follow up later) regarding various cool things you can do with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 (MCE). Case I haven't decided what I want to do regarding a case, but this one looks nice. Need
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Holidays are over, back to work (as if it ever stopped)...

On top of it being the holidays, work, interacting with family, buying gifts, cooking turkey and the occasional Xbox 360 gaming session, I've been extremely busy working out the kinks with a new side project that is really starting to take shape. Of course,
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