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May 2006 - Posts

My Desk

Not sure that anyone really cares, but what the hell, here's a picture of my workspace at the house...
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Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach

While out in L.A. the weekend before last (and yes, I didn't realize that that weekend happened to also be the weekend of E3) training with the legendary Larry Hartsell (a student of Bruce Lee, Dan Inosanto and Ed Parker), I ran into someone rather interesting
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ToolTip Voodoo

Discusses the ins and outs of utilizing the ToolTip control to draw visually stunning and (hopefully) more informative tooltips.
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Living in a Land of Obfuscation

You know, I'm all for making some things available for free; but at the same time want to protect my “property” as much as possible. With great tools such as Reflector being available; you really need to consider using obfuscation to at

The "Big Bad Wolf" visited me...

Yeah, the Big Bad Wolf came by my house late last night (errr... really early this morning) and tried to blow my house down. The house is still standing since this little piggy had a house of brick. ;-) Though I need to call a roofer as the shingles on
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Grrrrr... Murphy's Law strikes again!

Wouldn't you know that as soon as I make XboxFriends available, the Xbox guys would come along and make massive changes to their site. I didn't keep a real close eye on it, but the site appeared to be down for most of the day yesterday in order to apply
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