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June 2006 - Posts

Dallas Code Camp - June 2006 Edition

I completely forgot about this... so shoot me. ;-) In less than 6 weeks, the Dallas (and some of us Fort Worth guys) managed to put together our first Code Camp event with attendee count of 190+ people. We had presentations and chalk talks. I ran one
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ToolTip Voodoo Applied

Obviously I've been pretty swamped with work and everything else... including working on XboxFriends. Here is an image that demonstrates the ToolTip control that is included with Visual Studio 2005 utilizing the information in this article to display
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Not feelin' the VB love from Microsoft...

In the last two days, I've encountered at as many instances where certain members within Microsoft just ain't showin' us VB users any love. The latest Microsoft Download Notifications email states: Download the Complete DirectX SDK This software development
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ClickOnce Tip of the Day

There are a couple of options available for signing your ClickOnce application: When the signing options screen appears (which it does whenever you save a manifest file using MageUI.exe), you'll probably be tempted to use one of the “stored certificates”.

Windows Forms + Vista

Now that I'm running Vista (Beta 2), I'm obviously doing development in that environment as well. A couple of things that I've noticed (and, honestly, haven't dug too deeply just yet... so these are initial impressions) is the following: 1. To get the
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Windows Vista...

Windows Vista Beta 2 was released last week and I am just now getting some free time to spend with migrating to it. I already installed it on a Toshiba laptop last week, but was less than impressed since all the bells and whistles GUI wouldn't work on
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