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January 2007 - Posts

Vista FUD Myth #4: My hardware won't support Windows Vista.

So this one might be true, but I truly doubt it. If your running hardware that wouldn't benefit from upgrading to Windows Vista, I really feal for you as your daily computer experience must truly be nightmarish. Here are the minimum system requirements
Posted by CorySmith | 0 Comments

Vista FUD Myth #3: Disabling Aero ("Glass") will speed up your computer.

This one is hard to dispute per say since it's difficult to assess exactly what is meant by "speed up" your computer. But I'll attempt to tackle it anyway. Aero has little impact on the main processor(s) since it is leveraging the GPU
Posted by CorySmith | 1 Comments

Vista FUD Myth #2: .NET 1.1 and 2.0 applications will not work.

I'm not sure how this one got started. I've even seen some document out there on a major site (can't remember off the top of my head) that was giving advice on how to get your .NET 1.1 and 2.0 applications working on Windows Vista where they
Posted by CorySmith | 2 Comments

Vista FUD Myth #1: Visual Studio 2003 will not work on Vista.

This is not what was stated by Somasager stated , here is what he said: However, we will not support Visual Studio .NET 2002 or Visual Studio .NET 2003 as development environments on Windows Vista. That statement just points out that Microsoft will not
Posted by CorySmith | 0 Comments

Expression confusion continues... by Microsoft

Ok, the whole Expression thing didn't bother me until this morning. "Fine", I told myself. Microsoft states that Expression tools are not for the developer; they were designed to be targetted to a different audience. So I'll have to
Posted by CorySmith | 8 Comments