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March 2007 - Posts


Caleb has sort of let the cat out of the bag ... Introducing My.Vista. There are over 7,000 new API's in Windows Vista. Some of them are immediately obvious while others are deep beneath the surface. I rather enjoy digging around in Windows API land,

What's next? All restaurants will be Taco Bell!

Do anyone remember Demolition Man ? I'll assume you do. So during one scene, John Spartan goes to visit Dr. Cocteau at his house. Just prior to his visit, the scene opens with Dr. Cocteau in his conference room sitting at a table surrounded by several
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Action Movie Night - March 3rd

It's time again for Action Movie Night! This is just a quick reminder regarding the Action Movie Night taking place this Saturday evening (3/3/2007) starting at 6:00pm located at my house so space is limited to those that RSVP. The movies being shown
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It's 2:12am and I'm done with a new VS2005 Macro hack

I need to run it through it's paces, but I now have a VS2005 macro that will, whenever I successfully build a release mode project, package the project folder into a zip file named [ProjectName]_src_v[OutputAssemblyFileVersion].zip. And it doesn't