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May 2007 - Posts

All I can say is "Huh?"

OK, so I took the step forward and decided to live on the uber bleeding edge. As you can see from the image, I decided to go ahead and install Microsoft Visual Studio Codename Orcas Beta 1 on my main machine. Yes, the same machine I'm running Vista

Grrrr... the web.

Just so I don't forget this link, I'm posting it to here. Yes, I'm having to do some web stuff for a project I'm on and it appears that ASP.NET 2.0 "didn't like" the smart navigation feature in previous ASP.NET version(s).
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.NET and Games

Games are probably one of the best examples of "consumer software". I'm constantly being asked "what commercial products that are shipping are using .NET?". I'm sure you've heard similar questions. Well, if you've been
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Why Oh Why Microsoft Why Why Why

OK, this is ridiculous! Why wasn't this information funneled out to the VB MVP's (and other VB'ites like myself)? How is it that the first word of this is stated in public by none other than Miguel de Icaza (yes, the mono project guy)? What
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Adventures in Windows Vista (x64) - Part 2

After running Vista x64 on another machine for a few days; installing various pieces of critical software and seeing that everything seemed to be working smoothly... I've made the full leap on my main desktop machine (the one that now has 4GB of memory).

Adventures in Windows Vista (x64) - Part 1

I installed Windows Vista Ultimate (x64) last night and everything went pretty smoothly. This, of course, is on the second machine I have on my desk so I can see what works (and doesn't) before making the full jump on the main machine. Out Of The

Windows Vista "supports" 4GB of memory. Sure it does...

Grrrr... this one I didn't really see coming. I figured, "Hey, I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate; which loves memory... I'll get more memory and it'll be happier." So I ordered 4 1GB high performance RAM (which using the motherboard
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