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Busy, busy, busy!

Let me please take a quick moment to update everyone on some projects that I've been working on:

Look Ma, I'm on TV!

Well, on twitch.tv that is. I'm currently streaming two different projects on twitch.tv: Rogue Tuesday where we will be cloning the Rogue game from the 1980's and BASIC where I'm following along with Immo Landwerth's "Build a Compiler" (C#) series to write a BASIC compiler for .NET Core from scratch. These are being done as "live-coding" stream sessions.


Would you like to converse with other developers that use VB? Come join us over on gitter.


I'm a huge fan of BASIC in general. I've recently been doing some research on the history of BASIC and during this process found many projects/products that are currently available that could make our existing VB knowledge much more useful/capable. So I've created a GitHub repo (and GitHub pages) site that exists to house not only VB, but all things related to BASIC. Eventually I'd like to have a "central" site (or hub) for all things BASIC. For now the site is simply a place to collect content (links) and grow it time.


I noticed that this GW-BASIC website had been shut down so I followed up with the original author. After a short discussion, he was kind enough to donate the domain name to me and I've since rescued some of the content from "The Way Back Machine" to setup a new site that is hosted via GitHub pages.

I encourage everyone to check these out... I welcome you to come join me (contribute to) in any (or all) of these projects!

Published Friday, June 7, 2019 8:23 AM by CorySmith
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