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BASIC SIG (September 2nd, 2014)

Arduino *AND* Raspberri Pi (Oh My!) After discussing with several people, I came to the realization that since the format of this group is different than the typical presentation style meeting, we can easily handle BOTH! Remember, this is a BASIC-themed
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Cross-Platform Development with the .NET Framework ("VB Core")

Disclaimer: Let me be clear in that I am ***not recommending*** doing what I'm about to discuss except for the specific scenarios where it is ***needed***. With that said... When working with platforms that do not have full support for the Visual

Microsoft + Novell

What does this mean for projects like Mono ? For those that don't understand the question, Mono is "sponsored by Novell". Additionally, "For fast response to specific issues related to the Mono runtime, APIs and tools, developers can
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Saving these links so I can refer back to them in my "Mono" discussion...

Via the Interoperability Webcast Series site , I noticed the following scheduled webcasts (under the 'Other Java/Unix' tab): MSDN Webcast: Mono: Interoperating with Linux the Easy Way (Level 200) 02/08/2005 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM PST How do you go about retrieving
Posted by CorySmith | 351 Comments
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What is Microsoft's stance on Mono? (and... The Future of .NET)

Someone asked tonight a question along the lines of “What is Microsoft's stance on Mono?“. Although I can't answer that question definitively, I can offer to share my opinion. So, for what it's worth, I'm going to share some of my thoughts.
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Mono and The Fort Worth .NET Users Group

Late last year, Paco, Stephen and myself talked about having Paco come in and do a presentation to the Fort Worth .NET Users Group related along the lines of “Mono for the Microsoft .NET Developer”. Although I'm not a fan of Linux, I find
Posted by CorySmith | 1 Comments
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Paco comments about the Fort Worth .NET Users Group

I've been somewhat following the Mono project for a while now. Of course, since I'm a VB developer... I've not taken the plunge just yet since the VB side of things has been moving slowly (with little updates being said about the project). However, that's
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Project Mono... VB.NET commitment! Finally!

Novell and Miguel de Icaza have posted the Mono Project Roadmap outlining the release schedule of upcoming versions of Mono. What's interesting to me is the section under Mono 1.2 that states: New compilers: VB.NET and JScript support. What's important
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