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BASIC SIG (February 7th, 2017) - VB's ByRef/ByVal (VB's "it just works" approach to CLR ref) and "All About Nullables"

Rough agenda: * Progress update: Website, Slack.NET... * Discuss ways that you can get involved, regardless of skill level. * ByVal and ByRef, what does this mean along with deeper dive of CLR ref and how VB takes this a step further. * "All About

(Re)Announcing BASICSIG!

After visiting Microsoft for the Microsoft MVP Summit in November, I was a bit “beat down”. I came to a somewhat difficult (and in my mind, somewhat shocking) realization. VB is dead! Wait, what? OK, so it requires a little explanation…

Async/Await in a Console Application

Here's the situation, you want to be able to build a console application and still take advantage of the asynchronous programming model available in the latest versions of VB (2012/2013). No matter the reason behind why you may want to do this, the
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Further Adventures in WinRT - Part 1

Working with WinRT, well, I'm just going to say it... sucks! I'm past the "who moved my cheese" phase; so that's not why I'm making that statement. It sucks because it is not completely thought out, requires that you have to
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Cross-Platform Development with the .NET Framework ("VB Core")

Disclaimer: Let me be clear in that I am ***not recommending*** doing what I'm about to discuss except for the specific scenarios where it is ***needed***. With that said... When working with platforms that do not have full support for the Visual

End of year wrap up (2011)

BLOG I'm currently in the planning stages to rebuild this site. I've delayed doing this for a long time since I didn't want to "break links"; however, one reason why I don't contribute as much as I used to is the fact that I


Why aren't there any decent audio libraries for .NET? Don't get me wrong, it's nice that the framework supports some audio features in a very simple way if you want to just play something. However, if you need access to the audio data to manipulate

Action Movie Night - Wednesday, November 17th

Action Movie Night returns! This is just a quick reminder regarding the Action Movie Night taking place Wednesday evening, November 17th, 2010, starting at 7:30pm located at my house so space is limited to those that RSVP. The movie being shown is: IMDB

Wow! I can't believe I found this code...

Going through a bunch of old floppy disks and copying the files to my home server in an effort to get rid of these things, I happened across a bit of source code from WAAAAAAAAAY back. (March 7th, 1990 to be precise.) For a few years around 1990, a friend
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Touring through Northwest Arkansas

I'll be leaving either tonight or tomorrow morning (really early) to start heading to Fort Smith, AR. Tuesday evening will be in Springdale, AR and finishing up Thursday evening in Harrison, AR. If you are in the area of *all* three user group, consider

WinForms ComboBox -> DevExpress ComboBoxEdit (migration)

I found a couple of solutions on the DevExpress website for how to use the ComboBoxEdit component the way I wanted, however, none of them seemed to provide a smooth transition from the WinForms databound ComboBox to the DevExpress counterpart. So using

San Diego ASP.NET SIG - May 19th, 6pm

I'll be at the San Diego ASP.NET SIG on May 19th doing my LINQ in the Real World discussion. For anyone that has been at my previous "presentations", you'll know that I prefer to have more of a discussion surrounding the topic than a


Oh yeah, by the way, I'm now an INETA speaker. ;-) What does this really mean? Well, if you'd like to get me to come out to your user group, all you need to do is put in a request to www.INETA.org and they'll help with the travel/hotel expenses

Fort Worth .NET Users Group - January 20th

If you're in the area, don't miss my presentation: What's New in .NET 3.5 Service Pack 1. Additionally, I've decided to extend Microsoft's extreme generosity by giving away a copy of MSDN Premium **WITH** Microsoft Visual Studio Team

Linq - Episode 1

Linq is very, very, very cool. I can easily envision looking three years from now and wonder "how did we write software without Linq?". Several recent language editions have helped to reduce code needed and thus made my development life easier.
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