Posts Adventures in CodeSmith...

Adventures in CodeSmith...

I forgot to mention on the list that I'm also working on converting some of the CodeSmith templates for generating strongly-typed ArrayList collections from C# to VB.NET.  After some further adventures in the land of FxCop, I noticed that some of the conversion wasn't as close as it should have been so dug in a little deeper and now the VB.NET version is more FxCop friendly than the C# counterpart.  Still two messages and I'm not really sure how to easily rectify those; maybe after I get the templates built I'll look into it a little deeper. 

Also, I'm sure that I'm driving Eric up the wall with all of the VB'isms, but I do think it's an awesome tool and the more VB friendly he can make it... the better he can target a much larger audience than he has today (not knowing the specific numbers, but I hear that VB.NET is still a much larger user base than C#).

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