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ASP.NET Web Service Tip of the Day

OK, you just built your webservice in ASP.NET and have it working as expected on your local development web server.  Your ready to put it out into the wild and you follow the instructions about changing the webservice namespace from to whatever you want to use.  You xcopy deploy the webservice *.asmx, *.config, and *.dll (bin folder) to your public webserver.  Next, you make sure that the web folder is set as an IIS application.  You browse to the webservice url to make sure everything is working and it responds with a message that says that it's using the namespace and you should change it.  What?  But you did change it, what the h*ll is going on?

Well, the error is completely misleading... it has nothing to do with namespace at all.  The real colprit... you are probably using ASP.NET 1.1 on your machine and development server and on the deployed server, it's set to use ASP.NET 1.0.  Upgrading the public web server to ASP.NET 1.1... all works as expected ;-)

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