Posts BASIC SIG (October 6th, 2015) - ESP8266, C++ and Tix Clocks

BASIC SIG (October 6th, 2015) - ESP8266, C++ and Tix Clocks

The ESP8266 offers an extremely affordable and small solution for IoT projects and comes in several form factors.  This month we will be going through all the information that we are currently aware of, how to setup/configure a development environment and demonstrating an actual real-world project utilizing the ESP8266.

The project is what is called a TIX clock.  It's easier to explain in person or you can look it up in your favorite search engine. ;-)  With that said, this particular version of the TIX clock has been designed to be IoT (internet enabled/required) and utilzing your workspace/homespace wifi to keep the clock spot on accurate.  To be clear, it doesn't actually keep time itself.  It is also configurable using a web browser over wifi.  So the only wired connection is the power plug... we have two different ones to demonstrate.

So the agenda will go something like this:

1. Introduction to the ESP8266.2. Different form factors of the ESP8266.3. Setting up a development environment to utilizing the ESP8266.5. Discuss what a Tix clock is.5. Demonstrate the Tix clock.6. Discuss the additional electronic components that make the project work.7. Show some code.
. Discuss some C++'isms that are relevant to the Tix clock project / ESP8266.
9. General Q & A.

Also, I'm setting aside one ESP8266 as a gift for one lucky person to-be-determined at the meeting. :-D

As usual, please RSVP so I know how much pizza to order.

As a requirement to meet at this location, I have to share: This event is not sponsored or endorsed by the by the North Richland Hills Library, The Maker Spot or the City of North Richland Hills.

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