Posts Better late than never... My 'recent' FWDNUG presentation.

Better late than never... My 'recent' FWDNUG presentation.

I've been meaning to get the powerpoint and code for the Fort Worth .NET Users Group presentation I did last month up for download.  Just bear in mind that I use the slides as a reminder to myself, so on their own they may offer some clues but don't represent the presentation as a whole.  Many of the samples follow the same line of thinking.  So why put them up for download?  Well, a *lot* of people have asked me for it.  ;-)

The main feedback that I've gotten on this was how my presentation about performance was so drastically different from everyone else's approach.  Along the lines of how I presented things in a way that made sense and was relevant to what people were actually doing.  My philosophy of performance is that perceived performance is more important than real performance... and as always, if your looking for real performance... test... rethink... and test again.  There is no hard and fast rule about performance, every circumstance offers it own specific challenges.

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