Posts Blog Censorship!!!!!

Blog Censorship!!!!!

I've recently been a victim of blog censorship.  Nothing I said was derogatory in any manner, unless you count me saying “WAAAAAAAAAH! Get over it!” as derogatory ;-).  The issue is that I seriously disagreed with the individual and stated that what he was discussing, no one really wanted to hear.  His point was completely pointless (and partially inaccurate); but since I didn't agree with him; he deleted the comment.

Basically, this person was complaining how VB.NET does something different than C# and how VB.NET is flawed because of such.  My response was that the so-called issue wasn't an issue and the solution to the so-called problem is part of the language and is very consistent across VB.NET.  Of course, he goes into detail how flawed VB.NET is and any first year CS student knows how to create a language parser/compiler and he doesn't understand how the VB.NET team can make such simple mistakes.  Grrrrrrr.... <holding my tongue tightly... not wanting to explode with anger... no one wants to see that anyways ;-) >

However, it does bring up an interesting point.  When people censor their blog comments... it can lead other people who come along to believe that the comments are all skewed to the position of the original blogger.  I find it hard to believe when people post such stupid remarks that everyone would side with the original blogger... yes, even if it is an anti-VB statement... I find it hard to believe.

If someone was to come along and state that I was a complete dumb*ss because of something I said, I would expect that their voice should be heard.  It might make me reconsider my position or at the very least allow me the opportunity to elaborate on my position.  Might still not change anyones mind, but at least the readers coming in after the fact can see the WHOLE picture.

Censoring blogs should only be done for spam attacks and comments that are completely unrelated to the bloggers original post.  Possibly if someone is using every cuss word in the book, but that's up to the individual blogger.  I don't personally agree with using colorful acronyms in a public forum... but hey, who am I to say what is appropriate and what is not ;-)

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