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I’ve got the main weblog page modified to fit my personal preference (mostly); however, still have a ton of work to do. This includes the comment entry form (which by default has no decent layout), the add entry form, move the RSS link to a better area in the right hand area, add a section for articles/code samples, and an about me (eventually). Overall though, BlogX has been pretty straight forward to work with once I got past several issues that are not related to the “official” release version. I’ve already spoken with Chris on the issues with the GDN Workspace source code being in the state that it’s in and he’s told me that he will be working on a 2.1 release “as soon as he get’s back home”. I take it that he’s out of town right now. I do want to say that I’m very impressed with the current state of BlogX and look forward to improvements to it as time moves forward. Also, just to point this out… this is my first ASP.NET related project :-) I’ve been working with Windows Forms related projects for the past 16+ months and haven’t had a real reason to delve back into the web realm since dotBomb. One of the reasons was me trying to find a decently priced host provider. I’ve finally found a web server that is reasonably priced that offers ASP.NET. $9.95 per month at That reminds me, I need to add a referrer link on here as well. I’ve got a ton of work to do…

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