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Choices, Choices, Choices

Man, what to choose?  What to choose?  Beer, a man in tights, PS3, choice of a left testicle or kidney, a beautiful Romanian woman, a rare mp3?, another beer AND lapdance, Mongo's gamertag, a flea tattoo named after yours truly, a marriage proposal?!?!?!?, a new development language titled Cory#, an open door on a pro-C# site to say whatever I wish and someone who apparently created a blog just for the sake of getting my attention.

Of course there were several "real" pleas and people stating how they'd put this thing to good use.

So who to choose?

I'm already married, so the marraige proposal is right out.  The Cory# language sounds kind of interesting, but honestly I'd probably have to pass since it sounds too close to C#. ;-) The opportunity to slam C# on a C# site?  Well, I'm not really in the habit of "slamming" C# (or at least I try not to be) and I get enough traffic here that allows me to demonstrate the "real" comparisons between VB and C#.  Mongo's gamertag, although I really love the Blazing Saddles tie-in I already have 2 gamertags as it is.  As for a beautiful Romanian woman... interesting and tempting offer... but I think I would probably get shot by the wife shortly thereafter.  Beer?  Well, that I can get nearly anywhere... but African beer... hmmm... without knowing what it tastes like... who knows?

A PS3... hmmm... that's a gutsy offer... but as you can tell I'm an Xbox 360 / Games For Windows kind of guy. ;-)

A rare MP3?  Well, although tempting as well, I'm not into the whole music swapping scene and since I have spent many a year in the radio industry... (I'll let you fill in the blanks on that).

I left testicle or a kidney... last I checked I have both kidneys and since I don't drink wiskey till noon every night I'm probably safe with the ones I have.  As for a left testicle... having someone elses just seems kinda... ummm... strange.  How would I ever be able to perform knowing that someone else is "hanging" out with us?

So that leaves it down to the the man in tights, the beer and lapdance or the newly create blog.

Honestly... after going through all of these... it's such a hard choice.  So here's what I'm going to do.  I have a six sided dice and I'm assigning the man in tights a 1/2, the beer and lapdance a 3/4 and the newly created blog as 5/6.  The die is cast and the number is 4.

That makes Micheal Dunn the winner... so he's got a list of 7 items (which includes buying me a beer and a lapdance) to uphold. :-D

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