Posts Cingular Wireless Customer Service Application = STUPID!!!

Cingular Wireless Customer Service Application = STUPID!!!

The past two days I've received several phone calls where the recording states that they wish for me to contact them regarding my Cingular Wireless account.

I don't have a Cingular account?!?!?

So I call the phone number provided.  Here's the conversation (paraphrased of course):

Cingular: What is your Cingular phone number?
Me: Don't have one.
Cingular: [pauses in confusion]
Me: I don't have an account with you, but I'm getting a phone call to contact you regarding my account.
Cingular: Can I get your social security number?
Me: No.  Can you look me up by using the home phone number?
Cingular: I'm unable to do that.  Have you ever had an account with us?
Me: Yes, several years ago for about a week.
Cingular: Can I get that phone number from you?
Me: Sure, but it's not going to help.  [give them the number]
Cingular: Hmmm... what was your address during that time?
Me: I give them the street address and state that I'm starting to get a bit uncomfortable giving too much information to someone I don't have a business relationship with.
Cingular: What is the last 4 digits of your social.
Me: (Fine, how long do I have to stay on the damned phone for this crap.) I give them the last 4 digits.
Cingular: Still can't find you.
Me: I ask if they can talk to a supervisor and maybe they can look it up by the home phone.
(Wait on hold)
Cingular: No, there is no way to look up by the home phone number.  Let me look some more.


Who the hell developed this stupid system?  If a piece of information is considered contact information... why is it not searchable?  At this point it appears I'm going to continue to get phone calls for an account that I don't have because some deadbeat isn't paying their stupid bill.  And there isn't anything the company that is calling me can do about it?  Yeah... great customer service experience... and whomever is responsible for designing this piece of crap application needs to be SLAPPED!

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