Posts Didn't get to SiN on Sunday?

Didn't get to SiN on Sunday?

To all those that didn't get in on the SiN play testing that occurred yesterday, my apologies.  There were only a limited number of seats available and I had to hand them out on a first come - first served basis.  Micheal and I will be making an attempt to do this sort of thing in the future (probably on future projects).  However, all hope isn't lost.  Although it's a limited time of play (one hour), you can sign up to give the game a go during their regularly scheduled “public” testing times which is Monday-Friday at 6pm for one hour (I believe).   As my previous post stated, you can sign up at the official site and also send Micheal an email stating that you found out about it via for priority seating.

I can't say anything specific about the game, but I can say that I will be one of the first people to purchase it. You can read more about it here.  ;-)  I'm a huge fan of the original SiN game... and this will be a welcomed continuation of the franchise.

Again, many thanks to Michael @ Ritual Entertainment for setting this up.

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