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DirectShow and MPEG2 Video

Partially an entry… partially a plee!

I’ve been working on getting MPEG2 video files to play as one would expect using VB.NET. The files play correctly, however, when using the mediaseek functionality and frames as the counter type, frame accuracy goes out the window. I’ve attempted to use several mpeg2 codecs, all with similar results. On top of this, some codecs seem to be more ‘compliant’ than others.

OK, so I did some experimentation. Here’s what I found seems to work without issues. I can play the file from start to finish… the frames appear to be correct… or at least pretty darn close. I can also do a mediaseek start of the play, but only after the file begins playing. If I seek before play, it’s off. Wierd?!?!

Oh, and to add even more to the mix. Don’t even try to move the window containing the video between monitors on a multi-monitor desktop. Moving it from one monitor to the other causes the counter to result in extremely odd values (completely invalid).

OK, now for the plee. Anyone else doing MPEG2 video using DirectShow? If so, what codec are you using successfully? And, what do you do to either correct this issue or work around it to get the results one would expect when using DirectShow video playback within an editing type of product. I’m sure there’s an answer to this… just now sure who to contact.

Thanks in advance.

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