Posts Doh! Glad I didn't make the switch!

Doh! Glad I didn't make the switch!

Voom, for those that don't know was a competitor to DirecTV and Dish Network that offered just about everything in high definition format.  Most of what they offered was simply up converted from the source, but it felt pretty much like all HD.  This is the reason why I didn't switch.  I want true HD from the source, not an up converted signal.  If I wanted that I could just get the box that does the up conversion and save myself the subscription.

A friend of mine pointed me to their site today to see the following:

Voom will cease to provide service to existing customers on April 30, 2005.

New customer orders are no longer being accepted, and we are unable to complete any scheduled installation or service appointments.  You will be contacted regarding any scheduled appointment.

That's it.  No further links to any explanation.  No link to point you to an alternative solution.  Nothing.  Noda.  Zip.  Your just plain out of luck.  So sorry.

I know hind site is 20/20... but reflecting back... I'm so glad I did some work investigating their “features” and, as luck would have it, The SciFi Channel was not in HD... thus the main reason why I decided against it.  Good thing I guess ;-)

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