Posts Fort Worth .NET Users Group - My Presentation

Fort Worth .NET Users Group - My Presentation

My presentation at the Fort Worth .NET Users Group went pretty good last night.  Basically, I took the TransLabel article and turned it into a presentation.  Had several people asking questions; which was very nice. 

The question that still sticks in my mind is: How do you figure out how to do this?  Well, I initially gave the standard answers of: Newsgroups, Books, Web/Articles (Google), MSDN, Online Documentation, and of course asking other developers.  It wasn't until the end of the presentation that I demonstrated the using of Reflector against the Framework classes to figure out how to do something.  I got a couple of comments stating that they weren't really interested in what I was presenting on, but when I showed Reflector, they said that made the whole meeting worth while. ;-)  And yes, some people were very interested in learning how to do custom UI controls and GDI+. 

Overall, given the fact that I'm not a professional speaker, I think I pulled this one off OK.  The only thing that I need to change next time is to have all of the code snippets ready to drag over from the toolbox... it's a very uncomfortable feeling to be typing in something in front of a group... that overwhelming silence that exists.

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