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Well, the cats out of the bag ;-).  In an effort to improve our membership numbers in order to attract more speakers and sponsorship, the executive members of the Fort Worth .NET Users Group has been having a lot of discussions on how to improve the organization of the meetings and our overall image.  It was decided that our website is a key component, so...

We now have a New Web Site, New Domain Name, New Host, New Image!

Along with the new website larch, we've announced our spring lineup of first-rate speakers:

  • March 18 - Jason Bock “Attributes“
  • April 20 - Rob Howard “ASP.NET Tips N' Tricks“
  • May 18 - Steve Smith “.NET Caching“ or “Nunit/TDD“
  • June 15 - Jason Alexander ““

    We still have much to do, but this phase being complete is key to moving forward.

    Also, if anyone reading this is going to be at Microsoft DevDays in Dallas on the 8th, be sure to stop by the .NET Users Group booth and say hello.  The Fort Worth, Dallas and Plano users groups will have representation.

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