Posts Free PDC sessions on DVD!!!!

Free PDC sessions on DVD!!!!

OK, so I'm kidding.  However, I would like to point out a few things to those that are complaining that Microsoft is not giving these away for free and how they wouldn't be willing to spend $20 for it.

There are a couple of points that these people are obviously missing.

1. It wouldn't be fair to those that spent a couple of grand to attend this thing just so that other could get it all on DVD for free.
2. Let's see, even with the cost of the PDC, the expenses incurred for hosting this event is phenominal... on top of that Microsoft doesn't hold back on anything at these events.  I'm sure there was some sort of huge gathering outside of the presentation times (after hours) that if you counted the number of heads attending, it would definitely add up.
3. Getting camera operators to film the event is expensive.
4. Editing the material after the event... expensive.
5. Mastering the DVD, testing the results, duplication... yup... you got it... costs money.

More importantly, if they were to just give away such a product, what would be the point of people going to the PDC if you could just wait till after it and get it all on DVD?

Oh, but the argument is that this information really needs to get into the developers hands.  Going to the PDC lets you get a head start (therefore, the monetary value of it); now it's time for all of those that attended the PDC to propagate this information.  Magazines, blogs, MSDN, newsgroups, message boards, web sites, and users groups are just a few ways this information will get to you.  If you couldn't attend, Microsoft is being kind enough to provide a DVD version of the event that cost those that attended a couple of grand for a meager amount of $500.

If your are unable to attend the show... (which I couldn't) and can't afford the DVD... (which I can't), then you'll have to rely on other avenues to get the information.  It's all available, just not in one easy to manage package.

If after reading this you still feel it should be freee... time for you to switch to open source. ;-)

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