Posts Geek Dinner... Geek Meet... Isn't there a better name for this sort of thing?

Geek Dinner... Geek Meet... Isn't there a better name for this sort of thing?

Well, whatever you want to call it, I've been thinking about trying to organize something like this for a while now.  Did some searching and there's (which has seen no updates since June 2004), (a dedicated blog site using .TEXT to announce events) and, here locally in Dallas/Fort Worth,  Looking at, I'm kind of not interested in it from the standpoint that it looks too big, has sponsors and they charge a fee (either a professional membership or $5 at the door).  I'm not really interested in having to pay a membership to meet with people that I know, which in turn I'll meet people they know, so and and so forth. is a good idea, but seems kind of pointless considering it's “just a blog”.  Sure, it's dedicated to the subject, but it doesn't really have any features other than blogging... and I'm doing that right now. looks to be the most promising, but since there's been no activity since last June... guess it died off and the owner of that site has been too busy in the podcasting arena to do anything with it.

So, did I miss any avenues?  Let me know.

As for moving forward, I guess this serves as an official invitation to a yet to be determined event happening in the very near future.  If your interested in attending, send me a note with your email address and generalized geographic location within the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex so I can best determine location that fits best with everyone.  Also, please leave some suggestions as to locations that might be good for the initial meet.  No membership fee... just buy or own ;-)

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