Posts Geek Gathering - Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex - 1

Geek Gathering - Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex - 1

Several of us in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex get together for various technology events (user groups, training events, conferences, etc.) and during these events, it's difficult to socialize since we are busy with helping to make the particular event successful.  I like the ideas of the Geek Dinners, but that sounds a bit constricting, so I'm thinking of just selecting a place for everyone to gather, hang out and have fun.

Where: Main Event Entertainment - Grapevine
When: Monday, April 11th - 7:00pm till whenever

If your interested in attending, please leave a comment (as sort of an unofficial RSVP and to help others know who might be attending).  If you can't attend, but would like to attend one in the future (sometime in May), leave a comment accordingly.  During this one, the only “official” item on the agenda will be to bring suggestions where to have the May gathering. ;-)

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