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Going On Tour

Well, not really... but I might as well be.  The next month is going to be extremely hectic.  So this weekend kicks off the wirlwind of events/travel that will last into the first week of May.

This coming weekend (Easter weekend), I'll be out in Los Angeles participating in a reunion of sorts and, apparently, going to get my rear-end handed to me in some friendly stick fighting / knife sparring sessions with a half a dozen or so top weapons based martial artists in the world.  (Several of the people featured in the book, Masters of the Blade, will be there... as well as many, many, others.)

Saturday, April 14th - Action Movie Night (My House - Fort Worth, TX) (more info in next post).

Saturday, April 21st - Dallas Code Camp (Dallas, TX - duh...).  I'll be presenting on Developing for Windows Vista.

Saturday, April 28th - Visiting my friends at the Twin Cities Code Camp (Minneapolis, MN for those not familiar with the term Twin Cities).  Presenting Developing for Windows Vista and hosting a chalk talk, Living in a Land of Obfuscation.

Monday, April 30th - Hanging with my pals at the Tulsa .NET Users Group (Tulsa, OK).  Presenting Developing for Windows Vista.

Then I get to take a breather... until Tech-Ed 2007 (Orlando, FL - June 4-8).

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