Posts Grrrrr... Murphy's Law strikes again!

Grrrrr... Murphy's Law strikes again!

Wouldn't you know that as soon as I make XboxFriends available, the Xbox guys would come along and make massive changes to their site.  I didn't keep a real close eye on it, but the site appeared to be down for most of the day yesterday in order to apply an upgrade in features.

I know I've complained in the past about the Xbox guys not treating us well... HOWEVER!

Some really **COOL** new features available on  (Assuming you have a Gold account.) You can now utilize the website to see your current Xbox Live messages.  More importantly, you can now send messages from the site (to the Xbox Live system).  They've also added a “Recent Players” view and brought the “Achievements” functionality to the site.

Haven't really noticed any other new features, but all in all, not a bad set of improvements.

Of course, I'll get XboxFriends working again with the recent changes.

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