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HDTV and the antenna question

OK, so this isn't .NET related, but I think it's important enough to pass on this HDTV tip.  I noticed a blog entry by Sean Alexander discussing his frustration of having to pay about $500 for an antenna to get HDTV. 

I have to first point out that there is no difference in the antenna's between regular over the air analog and HDTV signals.  A good to top quality antenna from RadioShack (between $75 and $100) will work wonderfully.

So the questions raised are:

  Which antenna to I need to purchase? 
   How do I get the best signal (which direction to I point it)? 

It's actually a very easy answer to answer these questions.  Just point your browser to AntennaWeb.  You just type in you address and some other informaiton.  Given this information, you will be presented with a chart showing you what channels are available in your area and based on the information your provided, will be given some color codes.  The color codes can then be used to determine what antenna you need to purchase.

HDTV is just too cool.  I'm actually having to watch commercials again (at least until TiVo releases their HDTV unit later this year [crossing fingers]).  I'm lucky, I live in a market with 8 major stations broadcasting in HD / Digital. Also have HBO, Showtime, and HDnet via DirectTV. I'm a HDTV junkie :-)

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