Posts How fast does my page load?

How fast does my page load?

Several questions arise surrounding performance with web applications.  Many times it's difficult to tell exactly where the bottleneck in the loading time of the page may be.  Is it the page size, page generation duration, image sizes, number of images, connections to other locations, DNS delays, bandwidth bottleneck or whatever?  Some one was asking about a particular site and why it appeared to be running so slow.  I had my suspicion, but wanted to have some way to “prove“ what I suspected.  I decided to do some searching for a tool that would help outline what is really happening so they could narrow down the problem spots.  What I found is a pretty interesting tool and it appears to be not only web based, but free!

Gomez - Internet Performance Management Intelligence - Free Web Site Performance Test

Just type in the full URI for the page in question and review the results.  It reports on the following:

  • DNS lookup time
  • Connection time
  • First-byte download time
  • Content download time
  • redirect time for the HTML
  • all page objects of your selected URL.

Not a bad tool considering it's completely free. ;-)

Anyone know of any other such tools?

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