Posts I need a few good artists!

I need a few good artists!

If you're an aspiring (or starving) artist, please contact me regarding a project that I'm working on.  It's a free project, so don't look at getting rich off of it; however, you could definitely use it as resume padding (or is that portfolio padding ;-) ).  There are several directions I'm looking into and don't want to share too many of the details except to those whom are very serious about the project.  What I can share is that it's going to be somewhat cartoon style (if I was to pick a style, I'd say TMNT), will have both a static presentation and work is being done regarding an animated presentation.  It may even evolve into a simple game concept which would be provided as a free sample... so the work that would be done would (hopefully) be very visible.  Credit would be given to the artist(s); however, ownership will be retained by the project owner(s).  If the project finds a way to generate revenue, that revenue will be shared with all those involved.

Contact me if interested.

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