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Jason Bock does

OK, so I'm a little late in getting this information out there... James beat me to the punch.  I've been busy, 'nuff said.

Jason Bock has been searching for a new project to work on... and has settled on researching and discussing the various languages that target the .NET platform (Common Language Runtime).  There's a ton of languages available today that target the platform to varying degrees.  Obviously everyone is aware of the Microsoft languages; Visual Basic, C#, C++ and J#; however, languages like Object Pascal, COBOL, S#, Boo, IronPython, P#, F#, Eiffel, Oberon and even a variation of QuickBASIC are available... TODAY!

Obviously I see some a major problem with this 'project' that Jason will have to try to overcome... not falling into the trap of focusing on any one language.  This is a serious problem since there's obviously more people talking about the mainstream languages; so Jason will have to work very hard to dig up information targeting the lesser known ones.  I wish him luck on this endeavor and look forward to watching this site grow.

So, if you have any interest at all in the plethora of languages available for the platform of the future, go check out  And for a quick list of languages he's uncovered so far, check out his Resources link.

And to Jason... sorry for the delay ;-)

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