Posts Michael Dunn - VSTS+MSDN Premium Promises Progress Report

Michael Dunn - VSTS+MSDN Premium Promises Progress Report

Oh yeah... and I'll have to follow up regarding Michael Dunn's promises that he made for winning Visual Studio Team System + MSDN Premium.  You can go here for the list and below I will outline what has been completed:

1. Just checked, not done. :-(
2. Well at least I haven't heard him say it... I'll have to ask Jason.
3. He's not using the term 'Ya'll' enough... at least not in conversations that I've had via IM.
4. I'm still waiting...
5. Not seeing anything on his blog knocking VB... but he's been speaking a bit... who knows. ;-)
6. Yet to recieve an friends invite. :-(
7. Well, ummm, I'll be up there this weekend... if not there... maybe in Orlando during Tech-Ed. :-D

So far it's not looking like he's followed through with some of the items on the list; so while up there this weekend, I'll have to see if I can pursuade him accordingly.

See... I didn't forget. ;-)

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