Posts Microsoft + Advertising + Crack = Hmmmmm

Microsoft + Advertising + Crack = Hmmmmm

Yeah, someone at the Microsoft Campus has been smoking something to have come up with this idea.  Don't get me wrong.  This is very amusing; a bit twisted... but funny nonetheless.  It's an interesting way to start building some buzz surrounding the launch of Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Office System 2007.  I also find it somewhat amusing that Microsoft is utilizing a "competing" service to advertise about its products... so take that GOOGLE.  You have to watch the video to understand what I'm referring to... And, ummm, if you do there might be a special treat (or two) in it for ya.

Do me a favor... spread the word and continuously watch the video over and over so we can "slashdot" (that's not a suggestion... I'm not implying anything here... you did not get the idea from me... this is my official disclaimer... again, I am not recommending anyone post this information on the verb whose usage originates with a somewhat well known site) the YouTube (<cough>GOOGLE<cough>) service. ;-)

Here, so I'm not being ambiguous regarding the "special treats"... follow the instructions at the end of the video... continue to follow the simple instructions and you can have your very own copy of Windows Vista Business and/or Microsoft Office System 2007.  As in FREE...

Note: You must be in the United States for this offfer and it states in the fine print that it's a time limited offer and while "supplies last"... so what you waiting for?  Why are you still reading this?  You want some other smuck to get your copy?  I can't believe your still reading this.  What a loser.  No really, that's what you''ll be if you keep reading this entry.  Go watch the video and get started.  Oops, too late, somone else got there before you and now your out of luck.  See, that's what you get for reading every single line and not following instructions.  Are you still reading this?  What did I say?  Go there and watch it now or you'll miss out on getting your hands on Windows Vista (Business) and/or Office System 2007 Professional.

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