Posts Microsoft MVP Summit 2009

Microsoft MVP Summit 2009

<p>I decided that I would be adventurous this time around going to the summit.  This time around it's just me, my motorcycle, whatever technology I can carry and over 5000 miles of roadway.  I've never been on this long of a a trip and have never done this sort of trip without others (noone else I know, it seems, is insane enough to attempt this sort of trip in the time frame I'm attempting to do it).  </p><p>In addition to going to the summit, I'm headed down to L.A. and Las Vegas to meet up with some martial arts friends for a bit of training…</p><p>Everything is packed.  Getting ready to catch some sleep and getting up in the morning to get on the road at around 5am.  I'll be twittering, twitpic'ing and blogging when I can; so feel free to virtually follow along.</p><p>To all of those going to the MVP Summit… look for me in the the Westin lobby every evening. ;-)</p>

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