Posts Mostly moved... but still no internet connection :-(

Mostly moved... but still no internet connection :-(

I was supposed to have cable modem (via Charter Communications) on the 2nd.  The installer came out and said that they had to dig a line to the house before he could do anything.  This is ridiculous!  All he had to do was run a temporary line between the junction box (which is right behind my house) and then order the cable bury after the fact.  If your cable was not working and it was in the line between the box and your house, this is all that they would be doing.  On top of all of this, why didn't the cable company know that a line would need to be run?  Doesn't their system track this sort of thing?  Let's see, if cable has never been activated to this address, wouldn't it be obvious that there might be the need to run the cable.  Even if they didn't know for sure, they could have at least said something ahead of time.  Telling me this on the day of the expected activation is the WRONG time to do so.

So, because of this, I have decided to give DSL (SBC) a shot.  I've heard mixed reviews, so hopefully it will be a good experience.  However, their digital nervous system appear to have problems as well.  I ordered it on the 2nd and was told that it would be activated by the 9th.  It wasn't activated... so I called them.  Apparently, for reasons unknown, the order was canceled and re-issued and the new activation date would be the 12th.  Grrr... can't win for losing ;-)

In some ways, it's kind of liberating not having an internet connection at home.  Forcing me to find other things to do to occupy my time (not that the actual act of moving leaves too much free time).  I've been going to bed at what most people would consider a decent hour, which I'm sure will go away as soon as I'm connected again ;-)

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