Posts Multiplicity... changing the way I use a computer...

Multiplicity... changing the way I use a computer...

...well, actually, computers.

Earlier the week I received an newsletter from Stardock Corporation, the creators of WindowBlinds, DesktopX and Object Desktop.  In that newsletter was mention of a new product that they were releasing called Multiplicity.  Here's a blurb from their website:

Multiplicity is a brand new program that lets you control multiple computers with a single keyboard and mouse.

If you've ever used a multiple monitor equipped PC, then you can imagine how Multiplicity works. Each monitor is connected to its own PC. When the user moves the mouse over to a given monitor, the user is then controlling that PC.

It's ideal for power users, engineers, graphics designers, gamers, or anyone else who has ever seen the benefit of multiple monitors but wants the full power of multiple computers working seamlessly together. Multiplicity Pro even lets you copy and paste folders/files between machines.

I immediately downloaded the 15day trial and used it with my main machine and a laptop.  I was immediately hooked.  This product is easy to install, easy to use and, so far, rock solid.  I even went out this afternoon and picked up another monitor just to get the right sort of setup... now with a laptop on the left... main machine in the center and another development machine to the right.  Three monitors using three different processors... all controlled seamlessly from one keyboard and mouse.  The clipboard functionality works great.  The other night was playing World of Warcraft on the center screen and could not only monitor Email and IM occurring, but could respond accordingly.  That's something you can't do with a multi-monitor configuration using Windows.

I normally don't post about products, but I have to say this one is definitely changing the way I interact with these machines on a daily basis.  And it only cost me $69.95... well and the price of another monitor ;-)  But the KVM is outta here.

[1] - Multiplicity @ Startdock Corporations website.

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