Posts MVP Summit 2008 - Day 1

MVP Summit 2008 - Day 1

Although the MVP Summit doesn't actually begin until Monday morning, a lot of activities are scheduled by those in the community just prior to the Summit. 

For the last four years, Rod Paddock (Editor-in-Chief for Code magazine) has hosted a BBQ gathering at his house.  This event has not failed to impress and the opportunity to visit with those whom I've been fortunate enough to gain as friends over the past few years over some grilled food is great!  Thanks Rod for making this opportunity available.

Then it was over to the crowd to hang out with (mostly) Visual Basic related enthusiasts.  This was my first year to participate in this dinner gathering and it was excellent!  Conversation and food were excellent.  This event was also a great opportunity to interact with several people from outside of the USA.  And it is always a pleasure to hang out with a large group individuals who are passionate about Visual Basic.

Party with Palermo - MVP Summit Edition 2008 was great, yet again!  Thanks to Jeffrey Palermo for continuing to put this together.  It's amazing how well this thing comes together year after year.  This is probably the number one opportunity for *ALL* MVPs to network and have some fun just prior to the Summit as it is open to MVPs of all categories.

As for this morning, I'm getting a bit of work done before the lunch at the convention center.

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