Posts .NET XBOX Live Night (Every Saturday) Reminder

.NET XBOX Live Night (Every Saturday) Reminder

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow night is .NET XBOX Live Night that James Avery introduced upon the world!  So far, it's been Project Gotham Racing 2, but some interest is building for Rainbow Six 3.  We will probably kick off the game with PGR2 and go from there depending on who is available and what games everyone has.  Look for either myself (DualBrain) or James (PimpTighl) to be hosting a game.

So why do you want to join us?  Well, besides the fact that it gives you an opportunity to get to know your fellow .NET community members and kick their butts while doing so (or get your butt kicked, as is the case with myself and PGR2); it's just a lot of fun.  With the hit and miss environment that Live can be, it's nice to be in a game where you know that it's going to be a lot of fun and not have a bunch of whiny babies complaining ;-)  Besides, if you thought that blogs gave you an insight to a person; wait until they race against or shot you and vice versa!  It's a chance to take a break from .NET as a whole and blow off a little steam while having a lot of fun doing so...

When: Saturday Nights at 7pm central time.
Where: Your living room (via XBOX Live).

RSVP... well, not really ;-) However, in order to join the game, you must be on someone else's freinds list as the game is semi-private to the those active in the .NET community (yes, developing code in .NET counts).

Shameless plug: if you can't make it Saturday night, be sure to check out my XBOX Live Friends Thingee application to help you know when your friends are online throughout the week.

Hope to see you there.

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