Posts Not much being said lately...

Not much being said lately...

I haven't had a lot of time to do a lot of extra-workuler activities of late since I'm currently in the process of buying a new home.  I've been living in a extremely small house (approx 780 sq ft) for the past decade or so and have finally decided to make the leap to a decently sized home (2500+ sq ft).  Now that the decision has been made to finally take the plunge... I'm moving pretty quickly on doing so.  Went through the whole process including getting an inspection on one home that I liked, but the inspection revealed too many small things adding up to the suggestions that there were significant structural problems.  After deciding to pass on that home, I'm now looking at another house that looks very promising.  Hopefully the inspection will not be nearly as negative as the first one. 

If all goes well, I could be in the new house within the next three weeks or so.  Of course, my wife is anxious to start packing immediately; so I have to keep telling here that nothing is guaranteed just yet... but I do have to admit that I'm pretty excited to finally get into a home that might actually hold some of the stuff that I own and, more importantly, be able to have access to these 'toys'.  Right now, most of them are boxed up and crammed in some closet, attic, at work and even at a few friends homes (where they are enjoying them; an Neo-Geo arcade unit as an example).

With moving into a much larger home; the prospect of having to furnish it is pretty scary as well.  All I see right now is dollar signs flashing in front of my eyes... which I guess just means that instead of spending money on toys, I'll just be doing the more 'adult' thing and furnish the home.  However, since it will be a larger home, I will have to buy a larger television ;-)  Currently looking at a DLP 61“ from RCA that includes an ATSC receiver and Windows CE.

So, with an extremely large workload in my day job... some of that workload is overflowing into my 'free time' since I'm having to take off part of the day here and there to handle the whole home buying process.  As such, most of my free time is being used to handle my day jobs overflow and other projects are suffering at the moment.  Hopefully this will all be rectified within the next three to four weeks and I can get back to my somewhat regular scheduled activities :-D

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