Posts Not something you see every day (in Fort Worth/Dallas)

Not something you see every day (in Fort Worth/Dallas)

Normally, when when the winters here get cold enough for rain to become something other than rain, we have sleet or freezing rain.  What a surprise to wake up this morning and have this:

Snow.  Real snow.  It can actually be measured in inches (between 3-6 inches)!  You know it's a big deal when it's featured on the front page of the local paper with a couple of related articles. Here's a photo from downtown Fort Worth:

To bad it won't stick around for too long.  It'll all probably be melted around 2ish; though the news is saying that it will probably stick around until tomorrow.  Good thing; people around here just don't know how to drive on this kind of stuff.  Even the sight of it is enough to cause accidents. ;-)

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