Posts Project “Thalia” (Update 1)

Project “Thalia” (Update 1)

It's been a couple of months since the last update, so here goes...

Currently has support for: 

* Both DVD's ripped as either "folder based" and .ISO images.
* Locally caching of thumbnails to improve "Exists()" across a network share.
* Full keyboard navigation.
* Full MCE remote control support. 
* Play, Stop, Pause, Next, Prev, Back, etc.
* Filter by name.
* Sort by "type".
* The UI is !!! FAST !!! (except for initial launch, will investigate further).
* Sort title is different than the display title to handle proper supporting of titles that start with "The" or "A".
* Support for Delete within the movie browser list.
* Current UI is very usable from a "10 foot" view.

Work in progress:

* Different remotes that I have (non/sortof-MCE) different "keys".
* Very limited support for assisting in finding new thumbnails.
* Even less limited support for retrieving metadata; currently have no way to store data beyond the title.

Things I still would like to accomplish (beyond the above WIP):

* Remember last time played (see below), along with...
* Ability to resume from where last left off (see below).
* Switch to WPF.
* Add "cloud support" for storing/accessing metadata regardless of machine.
* Add "child mode".
* Add "suggest a movie" mode.
* I may try to integrate Netflix, Hulu and Amazon video via a custom browser so that the remote "just works". 

And, not a feature of the product itself; however, the whole reason is to handle a large library of movies... so far I've ripped about 1500 (half of the 3000 goal stated previously) and the UI is very responsive.  I still have about 1900 more DVD's to rip... 

With all that said, I'm very satisfied so far with the progress/results thus far and there have been several challenges... so helps to keep the mind sharp. :-D 

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